Plastic Blast Media

Plastic Media Blasting Truck
  • Plastic sandblasting; Mil-Spec approved
  • Paint stripping & coatings removal
  • Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, composites
  • Cars, trucks, aircraft, military, boats
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Walnut Shell Media

Ground Walnut Shells are used in abrasive media blasting, pet litter, filtration and cosmetics.
  • Walnut shell blast cleaning
  • Eco-friendly paint & coating removal
  • Cars, boats, trucks, buildings, bridges
  • Cosmetic-grade walnut shell ingredients
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Corn Cob Media

Corn Cob Grit
  • Non-toxic blast media; renewable
  • Blast cleaning & paint stripping
  • Refurbishing log homes
  • Tumbling, polishing & deburring
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Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Media
  • Very hard & aggressive blast media
  • Used on steel and hard metals
  • Paint stripping & blast cleaning
  • High toughness & hardness
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Deflashing Media

Available in Ambient and Cryogenic Grades
  • Polycarbonate Pellets
  • Polystyrene Beads
  • Nylon Pellets, Plastic Media
  • Walnut Shells, Apricot Grit
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Cosmetics Ingredients

All White Palm Nut Cosmetic Grit
  • Walnut Shell grits, powders & flours
  • Apricot & Pecan grits & powders
  • White Aluminum Oxide Microdermasion
  • Cosmetics industry approved
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UV Masking Resins

UV masking resins cure quickly in uv light
  • Easy to apply; cures in seconds
  • Available in Peelable & Burn-Off grades
  • Aerospace, medical device, plating
  • Resists grit blasting & plating
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Fillers & Extenders

  • Walnut shell flour, plastic flour
  • Wood flour, rice hull ash, cellulose
  • Non-skid / anti-slip paint additives
  • Increase resin strength & flexibility
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Non-Skid Aggregates

Clear-Cut Web 1
  • Plastic Media, Walnut Shells
  • Mix-in paints for easy coating
  • Floors, ramps, decks, boats, pools
  • Aluminum oxide
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Abrasive Blast Media

Steel Shot Web
  • Steel Shot & Steel Grit
  • Silicon Carbide & Garnet
  • Glass Beads, Starblast
  • Aluminum Oxide
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White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide
  • 99.4% ultra-pure abrasive
  • Very hard blast media
  • For blasting & non-skid
  • Cosmetic microdermabrasion
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