Almond Shell Exfoliant

Almond Shell all-natural biodegradable scrubs are used in cosmetics formulations for exfoliation.  Almond Shell offers excellent solutions in replacing plastic microbeads.

We produce and supply Almond Shell is a wide range of sizes including coarse, medium, fine and extra fine.

Please contact us for additional product information. 

APPEARANCE ▪ Ground Natural Grains
APPLICATIONS ▪ Cosmetics ▪ Skin Care ▪ Exfoliation ▪ Creams ▪ Soaps ▪ Texturizer
STANDARD SIZE ▪ Coarse, Medium, Fine and Extra Fine
PACKAGING ▪ 50 lb. Drums ▪ 250 lb. Drums ▪ 1,500 lb. Super-Sacks ▪ Custom Packaging
COSMETIC SERVICES ▪ Sterilization ▪ Special Packaging ▪ Custom Sizes