Cosmetic Walnut Shell

Cosmetic-Grade Walnut Shell exfoliators are widely used in hand cleaners, soaps, scrubs and personal care formulations. Walnut Shell scrubs are all-natural, biodegradable and offer an inexpensive solution to replacing plastic microbeads in cosmetic formulations. Cosmetic-Grade  available services: sterilization, irradiation, special packaging & custom grades. For over 30 years, Composition Materials has been an industry leader in manufacturing all-natural exfoliators, including Apricot ... More

Fillers & Aggregates

Composition Materials has been supplying industries worldwide for over 95 years with specialty natural fillers and recycled aggregates.  Our innovative eco-friendly granulars and powders include all-natural walnut shells, recycled thermoset plastics, wood flours, pecan shells, corn cob and rice hulls. These unique materials are used to help strengthen adhesion, increase or decrease weight, increase flexibility or rigidity, enhance appearance as texture and non-slip surfaces. ... More

Non-Skid Aggregates

Composition Materials Co., Inc. supplies non-slip aggregates in a wide range of granular materials, sizes and colors. Many anti-slip materials can be mixed-in with paints or broadcasted on coatings. Specialty aggregates are available for use in epoxy and urethane formulas. Our specialty fillers include Clear-Cut®, a light-weight, durable clear/white additive. Our non-skid additives are used on floors, factories, ramps, warehouses, stairs, boats, docks, surfboards, bath tubs and shower stalls. ... More

Agrashell® Products

AGRASHELL® WALNUT SHELL grits & flours are available in wide range of mesh sizes. Walnut Shell is a versatile, all-natural product used in blasting, cleaning, filtration, burn-out, cosmetics and filler applications. Composition Materials has been supplying Walnut Shell to industries worldwide since the 1960's. Contact us for technical assistance and product selection at (800)262-7763. ... More

Fillers, Fibers & Powders

Contact us for assistance in selecting the Filler & Extender with the specific characteristics being targeted.  Each Filler, Fiber & Extender offers unique solutions: Almond Meal Aluminum Tri-Hydrate Apricot Kernal Shell Flour Asbestos Substitute Cellulose Corn Cob Flour - for cosmetics Cotton Flock - light-weight filler Glass Beads - hollow glass beads Kenaf Kevlar Leather Fiber - for reconstituted leather board and specialty papers and polishing ... More