Cosmetic Walnut Shell

Cosmetic-Grade Walnut Shell exfoliators are widely used in hand cleaners, soaps, scrubs and personal care formulations. Walnut Shell scrubs are all-natural, biodegradable and offer an inexpensive solution to replacing plastic microbeads in cosmetic formulations. Cosmetic-Grade  available services: sterilization, irradiation, special packaging & custom grades. For over 30 years, Composition Materials has been an industry leader in manufacturing all-natural exfoliators, including Apricot ... More

Recycled & Bio Fillers

Composition Materials has been supplying industries worldwide for over 95 years with all-natural bio-based fillers and recycled aggregates.  Our innovative eco-friendly granules and powders include ground walnut shells, apricot shells, pecan shells, corn cob, rice hulls and wood flours. In addition, we manufacture light-weight recycled plastic granulars and flours widely used as additives in flooring. These unique materials are used to help strengthen adhesion, decrease weight, increase ... More

Non-Skid Aggregates

Composition Materials Co., Inc. supplies non-slip aggregates in a wide range of granular materials, sizes and colors. Many anti-slip materials can be mixed-in with paints or broadcasted on coatings. Specialty aggregates are available for use in epoxy and urethane formulas. Our specialty fillers include Clear-Cut®, a light-weight, durable clear/white additive. Our non-skid additives are used on floors, factories, ramps, warehouses, stairs, boats, docks, surfboards, bath tubs and shower stalls. ... More

Agrashell® Products

AGRASHELL® WALNUT SHELL grits & flours are available in wide range of mesh sizes. Walnut Shell is a versatile, all-natural product used in blasting, cleaning, filtration, burn-out, cosmetics and filler applications. Composition Materials has been supplying Walnut Shell to industries worldwide since the 1960's. Contact us for technical assistance and product selection at (800)262-7763. ... More

Fillers, Fibers & Powders

Contact us for assistance in selecting the Filler & Extender with the specific characteristics being targeted.  Each Filler, Fiber & Extender offers unique solutions: Almond Meal Aluminum Tri-Hydrate Apricot Kernal Shell Flour Asbestos Substitute Cellulose Corn Cob Flour - for cosmetics Cotton Flock - light-weight filler Glass Beads - hollow glass beads Kenaf Kevlar Leather Fiber - for reconstituted leather board and specialty papers and polishing ... More