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PLASTIC MEDIA BLASTING: AUTOMOTIVE RESTORATION Vehicles are now made up of more types of substrates than ever before. For efficient automotive coatings removal before new paint is applied, Plastic Media Blasting is considered the safe, rapid, environmentally friendly, economic method. Plastic Media Blasting replaces chemical strippers, sandblasting and hand abrasion. This article reviews how to preserve surface integrity during automotive restoration.  Read More...   PLASTIC MEDIA ... More

Blast Equipment

Media blast cabinets 36" to 72" wide -- powerful enough to handle any cabinet blasting job and specifically designed for use with Plasti-Grit media. Engineered for rapid, environmentally safe and economic cleaning and coatings removal from most surfaces, these stand-alone stations, consisting of Blast Cabinet and Reclamation Unit operate free of toxic chemical strippers and remove coatings without etching, marring, warping or otherwise damaging delicate substrates.  Also available are Blast ... More