Composite Decking

Composite DeckingComposite Decking & Extruded Polymerized Lumber is a fast growing industry due to new restrictions on the use of pressure treated lumber and the outstanding attributes of the “best of breed” new products available.  Extruded artificial lumber is inherently less expensive to manufacture in some respects, and fibers other than wood offer some exciting qualities and new cost considerations. We supply the following filler fibers for Composite Lumber manufacturing:

Rice Hulls – Ground rice hulls provide a low moisture, very tough fiber with a neutral color. It flows well with little bridging and combines readily with other ingredients. It is very abrasive, but hardened production components are available to minimize wear. The cost and availability are major advantages of this fiber.

Kenaf – This little known fiber, domestically grown, is originally from Africa. It is in the Papyrus, Hibiscus family. Kenaf is tough, plentiful, and combines well with polymers. The economics of Kenaf for this application have a great deal with logistics such as, processing location, and use of all the parts of the plant. There are wonderful uses for all these parts including sound deadening, absorption, and other filler uses.